Good sensor technology & stability across the entire shelf life are fundamental challenges, especially with liquid food supplements. This is where the most suitable combination of selected raw materials and procedures really does count.

In contrast to the development of solid (capsules, tablets, powder) or semi-solid dosage forms (softgel), liquids present specific technical challenges for each individual recipe.

Theoretically, there are overwhelming possibilities for the use of raw materials and active ingredients as dietary supplements. Our experience with the technical integration of the desired ingredients is especially valuable.

We know about the Health Claims Regulations and the challenges that come with the conscious selection of raw materials and active substances. We will gladly assist you in the creative implementation of this tool and in careful coordination with your desired concept.

Medical Products: for the development of medical products, we have the perfect partner – from the concept to market authorisation through to the EC declaration of conformity. Manufacture takes place at our plant.