Assembly Solutions

Assembly solutions

Each concept requires the appropriate primary packaging: plastic or glass, bottles, shots or ampoules. Ampoules with Bi-Phase seals, as well.

Particularly worthy of mention:

  • Packaging in glass: for export markets, glass is often a requirement. Our HACCP concept ensures safe product concepts, also in glass.
  • Bi-Phase ampoules: Here, we perform the entire process in-house – including filling seals. This means we can provide these ambitious technologies and designs very flexibly.

You can also deliver your desired packaging to us if you do not wish to draw on our extensive repertoire of primary and secondary packaging:

  • PET bottles in various colours and sizes from 10 ml to 500 ml fill volume
  • Round or meplat glass bottles with different volumetric capacities from 30 ml to 500 ml

In addition, we offer fitting tamper-evident closures:

  • for bi-phase products with containers for ‘ready to use’ addition of powder
  • alternatively bottles can be supplied with pouring ring, dropper insert, pipette (plastic or glass) or dosing caps

Complete your concept by choosing the appropriate secondary packaging:

  • Labels
  • Folding cartons, displays
  • Package leaflets
  • Outer boxes