Food Law

Food law

With regard to questions on food legislation, we are as a principle up to date with its application in Germany. In addition, we are knowledgeable on the various applications within other European Union countries, as well as international requirements.

Furthermore, we keep a close eye on developments from a legal perspective as well as healthcare measures and political debate.

The better our knowledge of the conditions of your desired product, the more precisely we can address any alleged irregularities during the development phase from our point of view, without requiring additional instruction.

As soon as the specifications of a project have been completed, we make all the necessary information available to you. Product specifications, formulation and, if necessary, any additional documents on the specifications of raw materials.

We can assist in everything from obtaining the product certification to the certification of health safety (Health Certificate), marketability (Free Sales Certificate) up to analytical assessment. We are in regular contact with accredited laboratories.

We maintain a good working relationship with the authorities responsible for food monitoring.